Solo exhibition 13th November - 13th December

Edyta Hul


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Vernissage 13th-15th of November

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Hul's solo exhibition:

Please contact us to see Hul’s solo exhibition: ELIXIR during 13th of Nov – 13th of Dec at Pilipczuk Gallery, Vesterbrogade 176, 4th floor, 1800 Frederiksberg. 

Pilipczuk Gallery are thrilled to announce our exhibition with polish artist Edyta Hul (1986). Edyta’s multilayered paintings are personal and intimate recordings of her current passions and emotions. Driven by a need of technological search, Edyta keeps exploring possibilities using different painting techniques. Her curiosity and boldness leads to ever changing, dynamic paintings.⁣⁣ We look forward to present Hul’s first solo exhibition.

Edyta Hull’s exhibition ELIXIR takes us into the mysteries of antiquity and the transformations of alchemy. Inspired by the ancient belief in a life-prolonging drink, Hul explores how the word elixir can be metaphorically applied to our modern lifestyle. Hul is critical of the way we try to mark ourselves in the world and wonders how we constantly seek to be remembered, seen and heard. Not least, she looks inward and examines how and why she, as a painter, leaves life-prolonging traces on earth.

Read more about ELIXIR and Edyta Hul.


Pilipczuk Gallery wants to thank our visitors, attending for Martyna Borowiecka’s solo exhibition Pearl Earring, Tear Drop (stuffy sweet). Thank you for showing such a great interest and attention towards Borowiecka and her selected artworks for the exhibition. 


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Edyta Hul. Aquatic Plants II. Oil on canvas. 120 cm x 100 cm. 2018.
Edyta Hul. No Title. 200 cm x 100 cm. Mixed techniques on canvas. 2020
Edyta Hul. No Title. 80 cm x 100 cm. Mixed techniques on canvas. 2020
Edyta Hul. Floating Bodies. Oil on canvas. 24 cm x 18 cm. 2020