Group Exhibition

26.02.21 – 18.03.21

Pilipczuk Gallery wishes you a Happy New Year!

For Pilipczuk Gallery 2020 has been a wild and adventurous one, and without your support we would not have reached as far as we have.

The story was, that Pilipczuk Gallery should have opened in April 2020 with a solo exhibition by the artist Martyna Borowiecka. Despite the lockdown and new Covid-19 restrictions, we still chose to open the gallery, but of course we had to readjust and postpone part of our plans. The changes made us see other possibilities, which among other things resulted in Pilipczuk Gallery’s first presentation of artists Edyta Hul and Martyna Borowiecka at the Enter Art Fair 2020. Since the first presentation, it has flown by and despite the delay and changes we had to make, we can now look back at 2020 and be satisfied and proud of Pilipczuk Gallery’s first business year.

Pilipczuk Gallery still has a lot to offer for our clients and artists. We have turned the challenges into positive and have used the Corona time to develop the gallery. We are extremely excited about what the future holds and to establish ourselves on the Danish Gallery scene even more.

Our wishes and ambitions for the new year include representation of several artists, new exciting interdisciplinary projects, continued collaboration with professional dancers, versatile forms of exhibition, and bringing positive energy into 2021.


Pilipczuk Gallery wants to thank our visitors, attending for Edyta Hul’s solo exhibition ELIXIR. Thank you for showing such a great interest and attention towards Hul and her selected artworks for the exhibition. 


Next up is our group exhibition ENLIVENING with the vernissage on the 26th of February. Stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter to get an invitation.


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Edyta Hul. Aquatic Plants II. Oil on canvas. 120 cm x 100 cm. 2018.
Edyta Hul. No Title. 200 cm x 100 cm. Mixed techniques on canvas. 2020
Edyta Hul. No Title. 80 cm x 100 cm. Mixed techniques on canvas. 2020
Edyta Hul. Floating Bodies. Oil on canvas. 24 cm x 18 cm. 2020